Incorporating many different kinds of exterior finishes, this Craftsman inspired ICF house was built to defy violent windstorms in a known flood plain.

Custom Home – Single family residence 

Residential - Grays Harbor County

The Woods at Monticello is the first affordable housing development in Nashville specifically with energy-efficiency requirements.

Residential - Custom Home, Granite Falls, NC

This project was constructed to integrate several energy efficient building products in order to significantly reduce energy usage or bring it to net zero energy usage. The solar conduit was run to allow future solar activity and the ability to go off the grid.


ICF continues to be a more popular in the Florida Keys where hurricanes are not a question of “if” but “when." Building this close to the ocean mandated an extremely strong structure. The owner will tell you this house will withstand winds and storm surge of a Cat 5 hurricane.

ARKhouse was designed to showcase what is possible in modern construction in terms of energy efficiency and long term material lifespan with minimal maintenance.

Custom Home – Single family residence

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

Sitting at the end of a runway, this custom home incorporates a private airplane hangar. The 2-story pillars, dramatic covered entry, wrapping covered and uncovered porches, tasteful landscaping completely camouflage the large hangar located at the rear of the home.

Steve researched ICF’s and elected to build that way because of internet and magazine articles he read in ICF Builder about energy savings. That is the main reason he switched to an ICF home. Steve is very happy with the comfort of the home, plus he stayed within the budget and time frame.

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This adobe style residence simulates a true old California Spanish "Casa" with soft radius on all corners. The tall wall ICF tower radius has intersecting ICF walls at multiple angles. Multiple curves and elliptical radius included in hyperbolic arched openings of ICF entry tower.