This adobe style residence simulates a true old California Spanish "Casa" with soft radius on all corners. The tall wall ICF tower radius has intersecting ICF walls at multiple angles. Multiple curves and elliptical radius included in hyperbolic arched openings of ICF entry tower.

Project Profile

Laguna Beach has a long history of artistic design efforts and Green Building architecture. The use of ICF for this project has generated significant interest with local contractors, designers, architects, and general public.

Innovative use of the Fox Blocks 5' radius block to produce 3' 8" radius corners. Fox Blocks 5' radius block used exclusively to build entire entry tower.

  • ICF Installation Time: 14 days
  • Total Project Construction Time: 13 months
  • Time Saved by Using ICF: 3-4 weeks

Quilter - CA Residence 

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

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