This project was constructed to integrate several energy efficient building products in order to significantly reduce energy usage or bring it to net zero energy usage. The solar conduit was run to allow future solar activity and the ability to go off the grid.

Project Profile

The homeowner wanted to incorporate the massive vaulted ceiling on the main level with beautifully stained spruce beams, for a rustic feel. However, this ceiling had to not only be visually pleasing, but also include energy-saving insulating features.  Hence, spray foam insulation was installed to the roof line with drywall over it and the wooden beams were secured over the top to ensure the heat and cold are contained and do not escape through this beautifully constructed ceiling.

Also, one side of the home boasts a significant number of windows and glass doors, including architectural windows, so as to take advantage of the beautiful view. This was engineered to be supported off the framing to ensure the window/door unit was secure and insulated properly.

Per the homeowner’s request, parts of the main level flooring is constructed utilizing concrete/InsulDeck flooring for safety purposes. Obviously, thought was taken when connecting the floor systems to seamlessly join the two together.

The massive wrap around deck/porch was constructed entirely of InsulDeck, an ICF product, which not only connects the entire deck to the ICF walls, but also provides a strength to the structure as well as extremely low maintenance.

  • ICF Installation Time: 14 days
  • Total Project Construction Time: 260 days
  • Time Saved by Using ICF: 12 days

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