Nylon Zip Ties

Nylon zip ties are used to reinforce Insulating Concrete Forms (ICF) at corners and T-wall intersections and to secure bracing to the forms. They come in a variety of lengths. Made of 100% nylon, they are alkyl and rust resistant (will not stain the forms).

Part CodeQty/BoxDescriptionApprox Wt/Box
Q-ZIP8408"Long40 lbs Tensile Strength, 100 pack1 lb
Q-ZIP88"Long120 lbs Tensile Strength, 100 pack1 lb
Q-ZIP2424"Long175 lbs Tensile Strength, 50 pack1 lb
Q-ZIP3636"175 lbs Tensile Strength, 50 pack2 lb
Q-ZIP1818"40 lbs Tensile Strength, 100 pack2 lb

ICF Deck-Chairs

The solid, stable base has two secure rebar placement cradles, one at 1/2" high and the other at 3/4" high, for accurately setting the height of the rebar within the structural beam of the concrete deck.

Part Code

Qty/BoxDescriptionApprox Wt/Box
I-CDC15100Universal Concrete Deck-Chairs​4 lb

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These have infinite uses at your jobsite.

Installation Essentials

Rebar Bender and Cutter

Shear-cut up to #5, 5/8" grade 60 rebar and bend to 180°.

Part Code

DescriptionApprox Wt/Box
W-RCBRebar Cutter/Bender​39 lb

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

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Zip Tie Installation Tool

Part Code

Approx Wt/Box
Q-L300C​1 lb

ICF Wallbrator

A must for proper concrete consolidation, this handheld ICF wall vibrator attaches to any electric or cordless drill. Combining a high-speed, low impact vibration, the Wallbrator ensures good consolidation of concrete with one pass. Sizing in at just 5 pounds and a length of 7 inches, this tool is lighter and more compact than most other traditional external vibrators. *Drill not included. 

Part Code

Approx Wt/Box
W-IWVB​5 lb