Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

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ICF Structural Solutions

Ledger Connectors

Use for rim-joist-to-joist-connections

*Contact Wind-lock® for current Simpson test data

Part CodeQty/BoxDescriptionApprox Wt/Box
W-ICFVL15Steel Ledger Support23lb
W-ICFVLCW*15Composite Wood18lb
W-ICFVLW15Wood Ledger17lb

*Must be used with W-ICFVL

Anchor Tunnel

The 6" diameter Anchor Tunnel securely holds your 1/2" bolt in place, allowing the concrete to flow to the exterior face of block, producing a solid attachment point between the rim joist and the concrete wall.

Part Code

DescriptionApprox Wt/Box

6" Diameter Polyethylene

Anchor Tunnel 50 pack