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ICF continues to be a more popular in the Florida Keys where hurricanes are not a question of “if” but “when." Building this close to the ocean mandated an extremely strong structure. The owner will tell you this house will withstand winds and storm surge of a Cat 5 hurricane.

Project Profile

The Herman residence was designed with an open floor plan allowing for a full view of the beautiful Key's coast and ocean. The guest rooms were separated with interior ICF walls for privacy and noise reduction. The project as constructed exceeds the requirements for LEED platinum certification.

In terms of efficiency: the roof slopes to the center and stormwater is collected in two cisterns. A single 4 ton very efficient AC unit cools the entire home.  The owner will tell you in their old house of similar size it took a 7 ton unit to cool their home. 

All the south facing glass is tinted glass and shaded from ICF deck of the roof above. The electric bill runs about $125.00 a month, dramatically less than a comparable CBS home. The roof was coated with two coats of an ultra white waterproofing applied directly to the ICF concrete surface. During the heat of the Florida Keys afternoon the roof is cool to the touch.

  • ICF Installation Time: 100 days
  • Total Project Construction Time: 420 days

Green Place - FL Residence

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)