Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

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Fox - UT Residence


Steve researched ICF’s and elected to build that way because of internet and magazine articles he read in ICF Builder about energy savings. That is the main reason he switched to an ICF home. Steve is very happy with the comfort of the home, plus he stayed within the budget and time frame.

Project Profile

If you look at the beautiful features designed into  this home, it showed local home-owners, builders and designers that more than just boxes can be built from ICF’s and can be done in the same time it takes to build a stick framed home. 

This project has 2 levels of brick ledge. The first faces the interior of the home and has the truss floor system attached to it, the second Brick ledge is stacked on top of the lower one and faces outside for a brick and rock ledge. Pouring these 2 simultaneously was a bit of a challenge for bracing. A 2nd 2x4 bracing system was used for the upper brick ledge course.

Steve’s home also has 7 of the Fox Blocks 45 degree corners along with 29 ninety degree corners and 6 tee block locations. Entire home was built with the 6 inch Fox Blocks.

  • ICF Installation Time: 30 days
  • Total Proect Construction Time: 210 days
  • Time Saved by Using ICF: 2 weeks