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FORM-A-DRAIN® is the 3-in-1 foundation solution that forms footings, provides an integrated drainage system, and can be easily adapted to vent radon where needed. Designed for residential basement applications, Form-A-Drain consists of lineal sections installed as the foundation footing forms. Unlike standard wood forms, Form-A-Drain lineals stay in place permanently after completion of the concrete pour and because they form a complete sub-slab perimeter loop around the foundation, Form-A-Drain functions as a foundation drainage and a radon collection system as well. Since it stays in place, Form-A-Drain also shaves valuable time from the construction schedule; there’s no need for a crew to return the next day to remove, strip, clean and transport forms to the next jobsite.

  • Precise Footing Forms, Permanently in Place
  • Integrated Drainage
  • Supports Radon Venting / Radon Reduction

A Better Alternative to Boards and Round Pipe!

The 3-in-1 Solution!​

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)