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4. After emptying the can, remove can from gun, pointing can upright and away from your face. 


All of our guns are engineered to deliver foam day after day with minimal cleaning. The all-metal needle-valve construction delivers the polyurethane foam with controlled accuracy. We offer a wide variety, ranging from "do it yourself" models to professional.

F2F Sample Kit
Part CodeQty/BoxApprox Wt/Box
W-ESKWind-Lock® F2F® Ki6lb


Contractor's Choice Value Kit
Part CodeQty/BoxApprox Wt/Box
W-CCV11Contractor's Choice Foam Kit22lb



Economy Series Taper Tip Foam Dispenser

Medium duty gun featuring a Teflon-coated needle-valve and universal can adapter. The knurled brass dispensing tip holds the extension tubes in place. Also available with a 31"-long extended barrel for long-reach or subfloor applications.

Part CodeQty/BoxApprox Wt/Box
W-EG13TTaper Tip foam Dispenser2lb

Foam Guns Below are specifically for Foam2Foam.

Foam2Foam® Foam Guns


A multipurpose, professional, low-expansion construction adhesive and gap and crack filler. Great for ICF, SIP, EIFS and stone veneer applications. One-component polyurethane foam. Cures by absorbing water vapor from the air. 

​1. Attach the gun to the can of F2F®

  • Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
  • Temperature, water and chemical resistant
  • Stone veneer adhesive
  • Compatible with EPS foam boards
  • Paintable and can be plastered over

Economy Foam Dispenser

2. The can should point up and away from your face.

Consult your system manufacturer for specific recommendations

Economy Foam Dispenser 

Light to medium duty gun, featuring all-metal-needle valve construction and brass universal can adapter and tip​​.

Part CodeQty/BoxApprox Wt/Box
W-EG1311/1 Foam Convenience Kit2lb


Taper Tip Foam Dispenser

Foam Guns

F2F Foam and Cleaner
Part CodeQty/BoxApprox Wt/Box
W-F2F24Wind-Lock® Foam2Foam® Case22lb
W-PGCSF2F® Gun Cleaner 12 oz Case13lb

Economy Series Taper Tip Foam Dispenser

Light to medium duty gun, featuring all-metal needle -valve construction and brass tapered tip with universal can adapter. This is a great gun for filling EPS board gaps.

Part CodeQty/BoxApprox Wt/Box
W-EG13TTaper Tip foam Dispenser2lb

3. Shake can for 1 minute and purge air from gun.

5. Clean the gun adapter with the F2F® Cleaner. 

  • Used for filling, slivering, sealing and insulating joints and cracks
  • Professional quality 
  • Accurately controlled application
  • Moisture-curing
  • Acoustical sealant
  • Drywall adhesive: reduces fasteners by 60%


6. Attach and spray the cleaner through the gun.

11/1 Foam Convenience Kit
Part CodeQty/BoxApprox Wt/Box
W-CLF2F11/1 Foam Convenience Kit22lb

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)