Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

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A: PNW ICF inventories footing systems that insure level flat footings, waterproofing solutions for below grade ICF projects and Wall/Scaffold braces that insure the walls are level, plumb and square while pouring the concrete. There is a full line of Windlock ICF related products also available, Foam2Foam adhesive, applicator guns, wind devils, rasp, hot knifes and kits. 

Q: Are there other ICF related products available to the builder? 

A: Typically ICF is about 10% more than conventional framing methods. This can be trimmed down even lower depending on the involvement and design; however, when you amortize the cost saving, energy efficiency, strength and health of the home an argument can be made that the value exceeds the cost. 

Q: What is the R-Value of an ICF form?   


A: Technically and ICF has a R-Value of 22; however, because you insulate both sides of the  concrete wall you create what is called Thermal Mass, which performs like and R—48 wall on a 8” pour. This is called the ICF effect.

Q: Where are the ICF products located?

Q: Can you apply most anything to an ICF wall like cabinets, sconce fixtures, mirrors etc.?  

A: Yes, they are instrumental to the success of the pour (especially on full height walls) and provide necessary safety features needed keeping the job-site within OSHA guidelines. 

A: ICF’s has furring strips located 8”O.C. on both sides of the wall, most stick framing is 16” O.C. so the ICF gives you more and stronger attachment points then stick framing.

Q: Are ICF’s accepted in most municipalities and counties?   

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Q: Are ICF a lot more costly than conventional framing methods?  

Q: Are bracing systems mandatory when building with ICF’s?  

A: PNW ICF supplies the consumer whether it is a contractor or an owner builder. Education is the key in understanding the value of the ICF system and PNW ICF is dedicated to assuring their customers get the information they need to be successful in their construction project. 

Q: Does PNW ICF only work with large builders? ?

A: Yes, ICF’s have been approved by some of the most stringent code approvals in the nation. I.E, Dade County and Los Angeles.  

​​A: For quantities less than full semi-truck loads PNW ICF physically inventories most ICF and related products in their warehouse in Chehalis WA. PNW ICF runs a fleet of truck and trailers and service jobsites direct from California to Alaska.