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Because of the use of ICF technology, coupled with a state of the art natural gas driven engine HVAC compressor,  a highly insulated roof and low-e high performance windows  incorporated into the design of  fire station 107, our energy model is predicting an energy savings of 38% over the standards baseline building referenced in LEED.

Project Profile

From the beginning of the project, the retirement community of Sun City Summerlin mandated that Fire Station 107 MUST fit into its surroundings. With a beautiful golf course to the north and custom homes to the west and south, the architecture of the fire station took cues from these elements by incorporating the generous use of natural stone veneer, Spanish roofing tile, deep recessed windows, smooth plaster finishes with a warm color palette complimentary to the existing custom homes and a soft, arched roof lines which creates a relaxing environment for fire fighters during emergency calls. The fire station also offers generous amounts of  window space which allow natural daylight into the fire station while also providing views to the mountains and golf course from inside. Shaded exterior alcoves are provided for the fire fighters to use for barbequing and for visits with the general public. 

Fire Station 107 was a highly complex ICF project because the structural detailing on the project required that the curved top of the ICF walls exactly match the radius of the steel roof beams framed on top of it.  Cutting the ICF forms so that they conformed to the radius of the steel beams presented special challenges for layout work. The ICF perimeter walls also continuously change height; some tops of walls were flat, but that top of wall had to be cut an angle to meet the curve of the beams, other walls changed height and then sloped down to conform to the architectural profile of the interior hall.  

Fire stations 106 and 107 were the first projects of their kind to be designed  by the City of Las Vegas using ICF technology.  ICF walls were chosen because the City Council mandated that all new City of Las Vegas construction projects be LEED Silver Certified and ICF technology had a track record for providing a highly efficient thermal envelope, important to being able to gain LEED points.  Stations 106 & 107 were so successful that it has led concurrently to third ICF specifications on Fire Station 108. City of Las Vegas has researched extensively and is now looking at ICF as a go to product for pending work of all kinds. Fire Station 106 & 107 have been featured in Fire Chief Magazine and have received numerous magazine and newspaper articles. Also on broadcast media with local TV coverage.

  • ICF Installation Time: 49 days
  • Total Project Construction TIme: 353 days

City of Las Vegas - Fire Station 107

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)