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The City of Charlotte Design Team along with Little Diversified Architecture went all out as it relates to the sustainable design and construction strategy for their newest Police Precinct Building. Their ultimate goal was to achieve a 60-70% reduction in overall energy and natural resource usage. They ran various scenarios utilizing various wall assemblies and knew that ICF was the ‘only’ choice for them to achieve their aggressive goals.

Project Profile

​Their initial Green Building goal was USGBC LEED Platinum designation and settled in at “Gold” with the utilization and incorporation of the following ‘main’ executed sustainable project notes; 39 Geothermal Wells @ 450’ each, High Efficiency Automatic Air Recirculating HVAC Units, 96% Efficient Water Heaters, Local Material Usage, Recycled Material Usage, 14’W x 95’L x 12’T Enhanced Sand Filtration Retention Pond, Recycling 85% of ALL Construction Waste, Low Volume Water Closets & Faucets, Naturally Maintained Greenery & Landscaping, Natural Reflective Lighting, LED Efficient Lighting, Concrete Parking Lot & Approaches vs. Asphalt, ICF, Spray Foam Insulation at Roof, Low E & Low U Windows, ‘rough-ins’ for solar and hook-ups all installed-ready for future installation and integration.

The goal of the design was to improve the staff comfort and performance while utilizing a functional space and deeply cutting their ‘typical’ building maintenance costs. The building is utilized by the entire division which includes; 95+ Officers, 3 Response Area Lieutenants, 7 Sergeants, 2 Investigative Technicians, 1 Captain and 2 Administrative Personnel assigned to the division. The division team serves and protects a 60.6 square mile area in the southwest corner of Mecklenburg County. The building is a dominate new stately focal point at the corner of a very busy intersection which features 18’ Tall walls and front columns demonstrating strength for the community. The front also features the CMPD logo and new art work which identifies community unity. The utilization of the classic globe “POLICE” light fixtures are located at each of the 18’ tall ICF front columns. Shade screens are also attached directly to the ICF core at fenestrations. The timeless look through the utilization of a mix of local brick and local split face block offers a very stately look.​

  • ICF Installation Time: 18 days
  • Total Project Construction Time: 10 months
  • Time Save by Using ICF: 23 days

Charlotte - Mecklenburg Police Department: Steele Creek Division

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)