Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

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My wife and I are Real Estate Brokers/Builders.  About ten years ago we drove past an ICF house under construction.  I went to help on this construction for several week-ends and found it fascinating.  We then spent the next three years traveling around the country and going to home shows, checking out the different ICF systems.  Seven years ago we build our primary residence out of ICF.  Two years ago we sold the house in a very slow market and got full price.  The main selling features of the home were the incredibly low utilities and the other features of the ICF construction (we laid ICF brochures beside our listing book for the potential buyers to see).

I have been involved in the construction of several different ICF homes and there are several good blocks available. We recently decided to build another ICF home as our primary residence (it’s hard to live in a house with 2x4 exterior walls after living in an ICF).  I contacted Fox Blocks and they sent a corner block for my inspection.  I was very impressed with the block, the price, and the customer support.  We are presently building a Fox Block home.  We pumped 35 yards of concrete into our basement walls two weeks ago with minimal bracing and the walls stayed incredible straight!  Fox Blocks are the best block I’ve been involved with!  The contractor who pumped our concrete said that standing in our basement was like standing in a giant Igloo cooler.

Jimmy Barber


Granite Falls, NC

Barber House - NC Residence