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ARKhouse was designed to showcase what is possible in modern construction in terms of energy efficiency and long term material lifespan with minimal maintenance.

Project Profile

The ultimate in terms of sustainability, the initial goal of this project was to the set standard higher for the built environment. Since home design and construction these days is so often oriented around maximizing square footage and minimizing costs, the owner / architect / builder of this house decided to construct something different, which breaks the status quo and showcases the potential that is currently available to our society using readily available building technology.  Part of this goal was to balance the budget by limiting usable square footage in order to maintain the highest level of sustainability. The result was an 1800 SF house that is Net-Zero vs. a 4500 SF home that would have consumed energy from mainly non-renewable resources.   

  • ICF Installation Time: 42 days
  • Total Project Construction Time: 365 days

ARKhouse - NY Residence

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)