Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

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Energy Wall™


This factor deals with a building or material's ability to resist rot, decay, corrosion, pest attack, and other forms of degradation that may occur over time. While concrete is known to be highly resistant to degradation, there is insufficient data to provide meaningful comparisons to standard home construction. 


Benefits of ICF Construction

Structural safety

This Factors involves the ability of ICF construction to resist damage and protect occupants from fire, wind, earthquakes, and flooding. Of these, the inherent strength of ICF construction against severe wind loads, including hurricanes and tornados, are most notable.

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Though somewhat intangible, comfort deals with the important issues such as even distribution of air temperature in the home and quietness or acoustical properties of the home. ICF construction provides improved reduction of "outdoor" noise relative to standard home construction practices.

Construction made simple


Pacific Northwest ICF was founded in 2004 to cater to the growing needs of Insulated Concrete Form construction on the West Coast. Servicing projects from Washington State to Mexico and Alaska, Hawaii and Japan, PNW ICF has the knowledge and products to insure the ICF needs of the customer are met and delivered in a timely and professional manner. Whether it is Fox fixed block or the knocked down Fox 1440, wall braces or ICF accessories, Pacific Northwest ICF has the knowledge and products to insure your project is a success. 

  • Fox Blocks®
  • Wind-lock®
  • Superior Alignment
  • Reech Craft™
  • Form-A-Drain
  • ​Energy Wall™
  • Platon®
  • ICF Wall Brace Leasing​
  • A do-it-yourself and contract friendly building approach

  • Practical and cost effective as it was developed with a holistic approach

  • Energy efficient and developed with people in mind

  • Simplified wall construction that can be used in retrofits and new construction

  • Reversible Industrial Strength interlock minimizes form movement during concrete placement

  • ICF Construction is storm insurance... which pays for itself in energy savings

Energy Efficiency:

The ability to maintain acceptable indoor living conditions (i.e., air conditioning or heating) at a low monthly energy cost ICF construction in general provides improved energy efficiency relative to standard home construction practices.

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