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Core WidthForm WidthLengthReturnSurface AreaConcrete VolPDF
4"​​9"48"0"5.33 sq. ft.0.07 cu. yd.Document
6"11"48"0"5.33 sq. ft.0.099 cu. yd.Document
5.33 sq. ft.
0.13 cu. yd.Document
5.33 sq. ft.
0.16 cu. yd.Document
0"5.33 sq. ft.
0.19 cu. yd.Document

Industrial Strength Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

This expanded polystyrene (EPS) concrete 4" straight form contains six self-locking 4-inch polypropylene cavity webs (WEB04R) with built-in rebar clips to hold the rebar in position, reducing the need for ties. The interlocking tread pattern is reversible both top and bottom for increased versatility, performance, and reduced waste. Embedded polypropylene furring strips, eight inches on center, allow for easy attachment of interior and exterior finishes. Each furring strip measures 1 5/8" X 14 3/8" and is connected to the cavity webs, which are cast in the concrete wall. The outside of the block is marked with vertical cutting line guides.

Fox Blocks 1440 StraightBlock